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The Fibro-Grief Connection

Fibro Daily May 20, 2016

Grief derives from any kind of major loss or regret. Merriam Webster defines grief in three ways: deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death a cause of deep sadness trouble or annoyance A strong anecdotal link exists between grief and Fibromyalgia. Scanning the comments on the FibroDaily Facebook page or Twitter feed reveals various accounts

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Should Vegetarians Be Cheesy?

Fibro Daily April 19, 2016

Vegetarian diets have existed since ancient times. In modern times, technology enables better transport and storage of produce, plants, and other ingredients used in vegetarian dishes. Technology also provides information about veggie diets. Cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, and the internet spread recipes. Many restaurants specialize in vegetarian dining while others offer meat-free options. Travel and exploration

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Overeating: Part II

Fibro Daily March 22, 2016

In part one of this piece, we talked about how overeating causes weight gain and problems in fibromylagia. Now I’d like to look at how to get started on a healthy eating plan if this is of interest to you. Before We Begin At the end of this post, you will find links to websites

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They Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

Fibro Daily March 3, 2016

These videos feature accident victims and chronic pain patients who made major changes in their lives and outlooks. I find these people inspiring and hope that you do, too. Before you watch these, I want to clarify that posting these videos doesn’t indicate a lack of understanding about how hard it is to live with

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Fibro Daily February 23, 2016

It really bothers me to say something potentially offensive to my Fibro family. I know weight is a sensitive subject. But…if you weigh too much, it may be for no other reason than overeating. Please allow me to clarify something. Media and society place unattainable weight goals on a lot of people. Please understand that

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Lupus and Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily February 20, 2016

Medical professionals describe both lupus and fibromyalgia as great pretenders or imitators because of their abilities to mimic numeorus diseases. They even mimic each other. Because of their copycat qualities, lupus patients sometimes receive a misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia, and fibromyalgia patients sometimes receive a misdiagnosis of lupus. Lupus Testing Recent reports claim that a new

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Similarities Between MS and FMS

Fibro Daily January 22, 2016

MS and FMS…They share many of the same symptoms and some doctors treat both conditions. I have even heard, and read, rumblings about an MS-FMS link. But are these diseases really related or just similar? MS Defined MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, a central nervous system disease that interrupts the flow of information inside the

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