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Equine Therapy for Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily April 8, 2015

This article is a few years old, but the information it provides still proves relevant. “Horse trainer Missy Wryn suffered for years with pain and fatigue for years, and visits to specialists couldn’t provide any relief. Finally, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. “I kept the word fibromyalgia out of my vocabulary for the first 20

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Fibro Daily’s Sleep Awareness Series: Bruxism

Fibro Daily March 13, 2015

Previously, I posted an article announcing Fibro Daily’s Sleep Awareness Series. The article talks about how to handle sleep issues, and suggests tracking one’s daily routine (including sleep disturbances) to record factors that: contribute to sleep problems identify sleep problems. The article also announces that the series will cover sleep problems. The first one was

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Fibromyalgia and Sex

Fibro Daily February 23, 2015

I felt so disheartened to read some comments on the Fibro Daily Facebook page in regards to a recent post about sex and Fibromyalgia. A few commenters said that sex is no longer an option because of their debilitating struggle with Fibromyalgia. It’s understandable, believe me. It’s also sad that people feel that sex is

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FWOTW Elizabeth Hanson

Fibro Daily February 20, 2015

Fibro Warrior of the Week (#70) FWOTW: Elizabeth Hanson Location: Milwaukie, OR Facebook: Elizabeth Hanson’s Facebook page Mantra: Even on my weakest days I grow stronger! Every day and in every way I grow stronger, healthier, wiser. Our 70th Fibro Warrior of the Week, Elizabeth Hanson, underwent a novel procedure called Transvascular Autonomic Modulation (TVAM)

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