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Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter

Fibro Daily January 20, 2013

Nowadays, almond butter is much easier to find than it once was though it’s still easier to find peanut butter. Supposedly, almond butter serves as a healthy alternative to peanut butter. Is there any truth to that?

Well, first of all let’s talk about what almond butter is: almond butter is simply a paste made of almonds to put-on bread, crackers, or fruit the same way one does peanut butter. Now, in regards to which of the two pastes is healthier, FitDay says;

Is Almond Butter Better Than Peanut Butter?

Both nut butters can potentially be healthy and nutritious. There are a few factors to consider when choosing between almond butter and peanut butter. You need to know whether the product been made using a cold-press process which preserves nutrients, or if excessive heat was used in the preparation process.

Almond butter is less commercially available. Peanut butter is a much more common food and is produced by many suppliers, some of whom add unhealthy ingredients such as excessive salt, sugar and saturated fats to the product. Some of these additives are intended to preserve peanut butter for a longer period of time. In other cases, they are added to enhance the taste. If a brand of peanut butter is high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, you will want to avoid eating too much of it because excess consumption of these ingredients is linked to health issues such as heart problems and hypertension.

When choosing between almond butter and peanut butter, be sure to read the ingredient labels. For the healthiest options, you want nut butter.

Also, important to keep in mind: peanut allergies and cost. Almond butter generally costs more than peanut butter, but healthy options for both exist.



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