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Alternatives to Products with Gluten

Fibro Daily January 8, 2013

If trying to avoid gluten to help control fibro-flares and pain, make note of the following good and bad products:

  • Barley, rye, and wheat flours. Go for buckwheat, corn flour, rice, and soy flours. Arrowroot can be used to thicken gravies, sauces, and soups.
  • Choose distilled white vinegar over malt. This means you should make your own salad dressing, as many store-bought ones feature malt.
  • Mix-in yogurts— such as “fruit on the bottom” style— contain wheat products which means gluten. Most other dairy is safe, including some yogurts to which you can add natural fruit.
  • Barley-based drinks, beer, and malted beverages all contain gluten. This leaves most other alcohol as well as coffee and tea as safe beverage choices.

A wide range of dining options exist, so gluten-free shouldn’t impose on one’s social life too much. Cooking at home for guests makes for a great night in with wine. And more and more restaurants offer gluten -free options in a safe kitchen that doesn’t cross-contaminate. As you can see, gluten-free doesn’t mean no fun!



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