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Balancing the Scales

Fibro Daily November 5, 2012

Even fibro blogger Sarakastic is complaining about an inability to lose weight.

Here are some common reasons why weight loss proves difficult for fibromyalgia patients:

Fatigue: Sleep problems “stumble rampant” among fibromyalgia patients. Exhaustion makes exercise routines difficult to maintain.

Keep in mind that exercise alone doesn’t equate to a significant weight loss. It does stretch and tone the body which proves vital to regulating pain as well. And if combined with a significant reduction in calories, weight loss does occur. However, exhaustion raises the likelihood of not only skipping exercise, but reaching for comfort foods. That’s because of messed-up hormones and an all over messed-up physicality.

So talk to your doctor about regulating your sleep. Mention you want to feel rested enough for exercise and to follow proper treatment methods.

Treatments: Some fibromyalgia medications cause weight gain. If taking anti-depressants or hormones, ask your doctor if there is an alternative medication or other treatment option that won’t prevent weight loss or cause weight gain.

Secondary Conditions: Metabolic problems are common among fibromyalgia patients, thought it isn’t clear which comes first. But if there is a thyroid problem or any other kind of health issue, it could be affecting weight in conjunction with the problems created by fibromyalgia.

Keep these pointers in mind, and take it easy on yourself when trying to lose weight. Do it the right way, with a doctor’s guidance, and the goal will be much more achievable.



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