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Deep Fried foods and Prostate Cancer Linked

Fibro Daily January 30, 2013

Men with fibromyalgia experience even less support from the medical community than women with fibromyalgia. Many doctors never think of men having fibromyalgia, so men receive less fibromyalgia diagnoses in addition to suffering from less cases.

This adds up to terrific stress and depression for men, as well as anger. When faced with such negative emotions on a constant basis, seeking comfort in food sometimes occurs. This is especially likely when a man finds that fibromyalgia prevents him from moving with the ease he once did, even though he may not know that fibromyalgia is the cause of his movement difficulties.

A new study shows that deep fried foods—often a big part of overeating—are tied to prostate cancer. More on the deep fried food-prostate cancer link can be found in the article “Deep Fried Food Tied To Prostate Cancer” by Catharine Paddock PhD in Medical News Today.

Suffice to say that if you are a man who has fibromyalgia or who suspects he might, comfort foods and overeating are not going to help your fibromyalgia or your overall health. You are increasing your chances of heart disease, obesity, Type II diabetes, and certain cancers such as prostate cancer.



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