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Eat Before the Party

Fibro Daily December 22, 2012

Eat before any and all holiday parties that serve food buffet style. Don’t eat a huge meal, but a healthy, energizing snack such as cheese and crackers with grapes.

Doing this will help prevent overeating all the yummy but totally fattening food that hostesses love to shove down our throats this time of year.

And when you arrive at the party, pace yourself. Don’t dive into the food first, but make the rounds. Then when it’s time to nosh, stick to fresh fruit options or nuts. Protein options like a bit of roast chicken or cheese are usually part of a holiday spread. They make satisfying and healthy food choices.

You can also save on calories by sipping on mineral water or water with lemon instead of holiday cocktails, wine, and beer. Alcohol can really pack on the pounds as well as cause fibro flares in some people.

If the dinner is a sit-down dinner, you may want to allow yourself to partake of the goodies so as not to offend the hostess. At a sit-down dinner, it is expected the guests will eat. You can prepare for this by sticking to a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies all year long. Then when you want to have off-nights, it won’t hurt you.



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