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Weight Loss Expectations

Fibro Daily December 3, 2012

Weight gain is common in fibromyalgia.

The extra weight comes from not moving, eating due to stress and depression, and other misunderstood reactions in the body.

So when committing to a weigh loss plan with fibromyalgia, what is realistic and healthy?

Realistic and Healthy Weight Loss Expectations:

  • Take it Slow: Fad diets are bad for everybody, but especially bad for those with fibromyalgia. That’s because of a weakened immune system and sensitive digestive systems that will react badly to processed diet foods and powders.
  • Eat Fresh: Choose more fresh fruits and veggies. Try to feature two-three portions at each meal, cutting back on items like bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice.
  • Drink Water: Stay hydrated. People trying to lose weight sometimes cut out water when they cut out food, in order to cut down on their time in the kitchen or on a preoccupation with what goes in their mouth. That’s a big mistake. Staying hydrated prevents hunger. Another excellent source of hydration: apples.
  • Think of It as a Lifestyle: Diets do not equate to life-long success. Lifestyle changes do. Losing weight doesn’t mean that one can begin eating a lot after the weight comes off; that just puts a person back where they started. Eating healthy yet delicious food is essential to losing weight and keeping it off. Learning to prepare food that please the senses as well as nutritional needs helps make weight loss permanent.



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