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Fibro Daily April 3, 2013

In recent months, you might have seen a lot of press about the HAPIfork, including a funny bit on Stephen Colbert’s show Colbert Nation.

The HAPIfork by HAPILABS monitors eating then lights up when it senses a person is eating too fast or too much. It does this in hopes of slowing down indigestion problems and overeating.

So even though it might seem a bit silly, the intentions behind HAPIfork are good and if it helps people to slow down, actually enjoy their food, and realize when they are overeating, then it’s a useful invention that helps improve the health of the general population. Fibromyalgia patients should pay close attention to this, as eating seems to be the source of such pain and trauma.

Fabrice Boutain is the CEO of HAPILABS. According to the HAPILABS website:

“…he has dedicated his life to his passion for Wellness, Health, Fitness and Nutrition, starting with the launch of Anxa Coaching in 2002, which is now the leading nutrition, weight-loss and wellbeing coaching platform in Europe.

He founded in 2007, which is the number one Nutrition and Fitness website in France with about 1.8 million visitors per month. He also founded Actinutrition in 2010, which develops a bio-technology called ACE, high value and health-oriented nutritional supplements.

What makes him HAPI! Polevaulting with his boys, A Romantic Gluten-Free Dinner with his wife, Watching Olympics & Major Sporting Events, Drinking Pomerol Wine, Traveling & Meditating in Asia, Advancing the HAPIrevolution and HAPIfork.”

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