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Holiday Occasions: Should You Cheat on Your Fibro Diet?

Fibro Daily December 20, 2012

Anyone with common sense knows that a food allergy is not something to mess around with—if you are allergic to shrimp or peanuts or whatever, never eat them. Doing so means risking serious illness or even death. But is is alright to cheat on your fibro diet every now and again if you only follow a certain diet to control fibromyalgia flares or to keep irritable bowel syndrome in check?

First, speak to your doctor so you can get all the proper scientific facts about what cheating on your diet will do to your fibromyalgia. Second, if it’s alright with your doctor, why not just enjoy the holidays?

You might want to increase your activity level to work off the stress of the holidays as well as to avoid unwanted pounds. Make sure to plan for the extra food by eating fresh fruits and veggies when not on the holiday part circuit. Drink plenty of water and get a good amount of sleep.

These tips should help you enjoy the holidays without getting too off track!



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