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Juice Is Not Always So Healthy

Fibro Daily April 12, 2013

Juice is not always so healthy unless it’s something you are making by actually squeezing the juice yourself or you have it made in a speciality market. Even then, you want to watch the raw sugar or honey added to it because raw sugar/honey just adds more calories/carbs. (If you are not looking to lose weight, then sugar in the raw or honey won’t be of a big concern.)

However, those who want to keep off the pounds or shed the pounds should think of juice as something to enjoy on holidays, vacations, or special occasions.

That’s because store-bought juice (or the juice mentioned above) equates to drinking your calories rather than eating them. People tend to drink a lot of calories they don’t even know they’re consuming because few of us associate drinking non-alcoholic drinks with weight gain. Therefore, we don’t cut back on food intake when consuming drink calories.

Stick to water and you’ll be able to cut out a lot of calories and reap the benefits of eating healthy calories rather than drinking useless ones.



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