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Masked Toxins in Grains Require Regulation

Fibro Daily February 16, 2013

Masked toxins in food must be labeled. Specifically, “masked mycotoxins” which start out as harmless but can be potentially harmful once ingested. This means that government limits on naturally occurring mold toxins that are in grain crops needs to be expanded, a new study says.

This study appears in ACS’ journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, with lead researcher Chiara Dall’Asta and colleagues that some health experts believe the risk from these naturally occurring mycotoxins to be greater than those from insecticides and pesticides. But because no one knows for sure what happens when people and animals consume them, they remain outside of current safety regulations.

From n.p. (2013, February 16). “Safety Regulations Should Include ‘Masked’ Mold Toxins In Food.” Medical News Today. Retrieved from

The new study focused on two of the most widespread mycotoxin contaminants of grain crops – deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN). The authors say their results show, for the first time, that bacteria present in the large intestine in people deconjugate or “unmask” DON and ZEN, releasing the original toxic forms. “For this reason, masked mycotoxins should be considered when evaluating population exposure,” the study concludes.



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