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New Study Says Organic Not Healthier

Fibro Daily September 4, 2012

Diet plays a big role in helping maintain the health of all people, whether well or ill. Fibromyalgia patients often take special care to eat fresh fruits and veggies, as well as lean meats, proteins, and dairy.

There has also been a consensus among the general population as well as fibromyalgia patients/bloggers that organic food provides more vitamins with less exposure to unnecessary antibiotics, bacteria, and pesticides,

But a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine says otherwise.

The study claims that organic foods contain the same amount of vitamins as non-organic. Though organic fruits and veggies contain 30% less pesticides, non-organic pesticide rates do not exceed the safe limits set by the FDA, so it is hard to know if that 30% makes a health difference.

Organic meat also contains less of the “superbug” bacteria that proves resistant to antibiotics, but these researchers claim that “superbugs” come from antibiotic abuse among people, not meat eating.

Whether a fibromyalgia patient chooses organic or non-organic, it is still best to eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies along with lean meats. This helps reduce weight which can be extra painful for fibromyalgia patients to carry, and will also promote a healthier immune system. Exactly how diet affects the immune system is still being researched by scientist across the globe, but hardly anyone thinks that eating healthy makes an immune system worse.



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