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Probiotic Allergies and Issues

Fibro Daily March 2, 2013

Probiotics are all over the news as a vital dietary supplement that everyone–especially women—should be consuming. Many studies support their use. They contain helpful bacteria that occur naturally in the colon, but which the modern lifestyle and other problems supposedly disrupt. Few medical professionals feel that taking probiotics prove essential to a healthy diet, but many women swear that they cut down on yeast infections and ease gastrointestinal problems, among other medical issues.

However, some people do experience allergic reactions to probiotics.

First, it is important to understand that not every addition of probiotics to food or supplements consists of the same strain of probiotics. Food companies trademark probiotic strains. So it is possible to be able to ingest yogurt without a problem while a certain probiotic boosted drink makes you sick.

Furthermore, being lactose intolerant usually means that probiotics will cause bloating, gas, and/or an upset stomach. These symptoms can also occur in people who’ve ingested probiotics and have never experienced lactose intolerance.

People with weakened immune systems run a risk with probiotics and should always consult a doctor before taking them in any form.



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