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Vegan Diets for Fibromyalgia

Fibro Daily December 10, 2012

Some evidence shows that a vegan lifestyle helps reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A vegan lifestyle is much easier to follow in today’s world because of access to numerous animal-free products that allow for healthy eating. There are even grocery stores that offer vegan only products or that at least offer vegan sections/products.

But how do I start eating vegan?

Perhaps slowly is a good way.

First, if you are only going vegan to improve your health but really dread it, console yourself with the thought that you can have one non-vegan day a week or go non-vegan on special occasions. For you, it’s not about the environment. It’s about maintaining health. A great way to eat healthy on a continual basis is to allow for occasional cheats.

Next, there are vegan cookbooks that explain the process, plus chefs like Chloe Coscarelli that show the world how delicious the vegan lifestyle can be. Delicious is important. I don’t care how healthy food is; if you are going to commit to eating a certain way, it has to please the senses. Eating is a sensual process. In its most base form it only provides nutrients, but to stick with being healthy, food must also bring enjoyment.

The vegan lifestyle can do that very well. Check out the links above to see how.

And to start eating vegan, eat one vegan meal a day and add to this on a weekly basis. However, after reviewing the recipes above, you may look forward to eating vegan all the time.



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