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Filing for Disability Benefits

Fibro Daily February 20, 2017

Depositphotos_60339483_s-2015-1-300x196 Fibromyalgia patients face a variety of medical costs as well as other financial issues deriving from an inability to work. It can be hard to make ends meet. If this applies to you, it’s a good time to look at filing for Social Security benefits.

The Brutal Truth

Before you proceed, read THIS.

Seems like we’re yelling at you. But that’s info you need to know.


Filing for disability means traveling a long, hard road of collecting evidence to prove that you deserve assistance then patiently waiting for a backlog of cases to be resolved before your case receives attention.

To complete the process, you need the support of a doctor which can be hard for some fibromyalgia patients. We all know that many doctors still refuse to acknowledge fibromyalgia even exists. Good doctors are out there, it just might take time to find one.

There’s no guarantee. But stay hopeful. People do file successful disability claims.

How to Proceed

Take the proper steps to prepare your case.

That means doing research like a lawyer. You probably think of this as only a medical issue because it’s so personal to you. Day in and day out, you suffer pain that prevents a normal life. We understand that, but we’re talking about proving a case so we want to be direct about what it takes.

Once you began to file claims for any sickness or injury—not just fibromyalgia— it’s wise to start thinking in terms of the legality of your case rather than about how bad you feel.


Well, as harsh as it is to say this, claims processors generally don’t care about you on a personal level. They check to make sure your claim meets the qualifications; that you’ve completed everything as ordered. They process so many of these claims a year and as previously mentioned, they’ve got a backlog of claims to finish. Therefore, when they encounter a claim that fails to meet all the standards, they have no problem rejecting it and moving on to the next case.

That’s why you need to put aside the pain for a moment. Get strategic. Lay the groundwork.

The Groundwork

Google viable sources that give advice on how to proceed. Look up lawyers that handle disability claims and read their blogs. If you have the money, you might want to hire an attorney but before you do that, you need to understand the fees involved.

Therefore, read this and pay attention to the links in the article.

As soon as you receive a fibromyalgia diagnosis, you can apply. But that’s the thing: You must receive a diagnosis. If you’ve seen doctors yet never received a diagnosis, then you need to find a doctor who confirms you have fibromyalgia. You may even find that you don’t actually have fibromyalgia, but another condition.

After all, fibromyalgia is known as the great pretender.

Many experts in this matter suggest that you begin with the starter kit found on the Social Security website. According to the site, the kit contains:

  • fact sheet that answers questions most people ask about applying for disability benefit;
  • checklist of documents and information we will request;
  • worksheet to help you gather and organize the information you will need.

Think of this as a marathon. You’re in it for the long haul. Stay strong.



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