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Ankylosing Spondylitis & Fibro: Vibrating to Relief

Fibro Daily November 8, 2016

gd_astronautics_experiments_-_underwater_suit_pressurization_studyAnkylosing Spondylitis and fibromyalgia each lead to excruiating pain. A diagnosis of both conditions causes severe debiliation for many patients. Lucy Gorton, 42, a resident of Stroud in Gloucestershire, England, knows this debilitation firsthand:

My various conditions cause severe joint pains and inflammation, muscle aches and fusing of the back, and I often feel drunk with fatigue and no energy.

I frequently pull muscles and they spasm and spread. I get a burning sensation down my spine and frequently get trapped nerves in my lower back and down my legs.

But Lucy found relief after buying a Vibration Home Studio. She’s not the only person to find the studio helpful. In fact, athletes and astronauts use the studio, too:

The process exercises almost every muscle in the body and has been used by both Olympic athlete training programmes and space agencies, with the latter deploying it to help counteract the osteoporosis effects of weightlessness.

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