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How to Cope With Fibro Fog

Fibro Daily August 16, 2012

Fibro fog, technical name dyscognition, is a term that describes the hazy thinking of fibromyalgia patients caused by pain medication, exhaustion, debilitating chronic pain, or some combination of all such factors. The condition arises in many fibromyalgia patients, often leading to social isolation and depression that no one should suffer. The following list details way to deal with fibro fog so that life may be lived to the fullest.

Write things down

Keep a pen and paper handy next to the phone so you can write down important details of conversations, or email yourself reminders as you make appointments. Do this both at work and home.

Develop a routine

Routines allow for days to become part of a muscle memory. Write you routine down, and stick to it.

Designate Spaces

Designate places in the house that are in clear view for important items. For example, have a certain place to hang the keys. Put your cell phone and purse in the same spot, perhaps by the bed.

Confide in a Trusted Soul

If you feel that you need someone to watch your back, by all means confide in loved ones. Tell them what is going on in your life with fibromyalgia, as well as any medications you take. You will be surprised by the outpouring of support and care, which is always an added bonus.

Talk to Your Doctor

Always keep your doctor informed of side-effects from pain medications. Pain medications are one of the biggest inducers of fibro fog as they can impair the thought process of anyone, fibromyalgia sufferer or not. But some fibromyalgia patients take a whole host of pain medications, and large amounts certainly take a toll on the brain. Ask your doctor about another alternative if fibro fog seems uncontrollable. Never hold back concerns or information from your doctor.


Blocking out pain often results in blocking out everything in order to cope. Stretching provides pain relief, which is a big cause of fibro fog. It will relieve muscles and mind. Do it first thing in the morning for a clear mind and refreshing start.



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