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Maintain Sleep Awareness With This New Fibro Daily Series

Fibro Daily March 9, 2015

Yesterday marked the end of Sleep Awareness Week. Here at Fibro Daily, we’d like to keep sleep awareness going all year long, especially for those managing a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia!


Fibromyalgia and Sleep Problems

The medical name for sleep problems is parasomnia, a word that covers all unwanted events that occur with sleep.

Sleep problems only compound the multitude of problems related to Fibromyalgia, exacerbating brain fog, exhaustion, pain, related conditions, and more. One of the first things you need to do is talk to your doctor about achieving optimal sleep. Therefore, schedule an appointment for a check-up. Your doctor may decide to refer you to a sleep specialist, but at least you’ll be one step closer to a good—or at least better—night’s sleep.

Track Your Habits

Since sleep is so important and a lack of it affects memory function in general, track your habits and lifestyle for at least two weeks, focusing on specifics such as:

  • work routine,
  • food/drinks (even water!),
  • amount of exercise,
  • hobbies
  • creative outlets
  • physical projects such as housecleaning,
  • your general routine before bed,
  • positive and negative personal interactions (such as arguments),
  • the atmosphere of your bedroom…or living room, for the couch-surfers!
  • disturbances during sleep, meaning writing down when you wake-up or if your significant other mentions that you snored loudly or jolted awake.


I’m going to be honest: writing down every little detail is a Fibro Fog is particularly unreliable. Writing down details as the day progresses provides a more accurate picture of your routine.

Also, keep in mind that even though you have Fibromyalgia, there may be additional issues you need to address that will help you achieve a better night’s sleep despite having Fibromyalgia. Those issues include a new workout time, a change in caffeine consumption, and/or gentle stretching before bed, sexual habits, shower times, and more.

FibroDaily’s Sleep Awareness Series

To continue the promotion of sleep awareness, Fibro Daily is going to feature articles on the following sleep problems:

  • sleep apnea,
  • bruxism,
  • night terrors, and
  • narcolepsy.

So make sure to check-in throughout March for Fibro Daily’s Sleep Awareness Series, and also make sure to share all of Fibro Daily’s articles on Facebook and Twitter! If you aren’t following Fibrodaily on Facebook or Twitter…

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Thanks, and have a great week! ~JC

P.S. Almost forgot to give the photo info; the drawing is Zeichnung aus dem Kriegstagebuch von Waldemar Flaig (1. Weltkrieg) Blatt 11, Schlafender Kamerad, 1916



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