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Pet Therapy for Pain

Fibro Daily October 25, 2012

More on our furry friends…

I have a beagle who is shaped like Alfred Hitchcock, a nervous poodle-schnauzer mix that gives Adrien Monk a run for his money on hang-ups, and a slinky calico cat that keeps all of us in line. The beagle and calico were strays I took in; the “snoodle” was a rescue.

To me, they are family. Every day, I love and play with them. They sit with me while I write, looking out the window, chewing on toys, attacking plants. It’s a happy household.

Pets provide so much love, fun, and stress relief for people in general, but what about for those who suffer from chronic pain?

A study released in February of 2012 evaluated the effects of brief therapy dog visits at an outpatient pain management clinic. This time was compared to time spent in a waiting room, using an 11-point numeric rating scales before and after the therapy dog time and waiting room time. Pain and mood significantly improved among the patients who visited with a therapy dog.

So if you are mobile and/or have walking assistance, it may do you a lot of good to get a dog and/or cat and enjoy focusing on the joy they bring instead of the pain that you feel. If taking on a pet is too much for you, maybe you can spend time with a friend or family member’s little ones.

They do a world of good.



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