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Relieve Muscle Soreness Naturally

Fibro Daily March 14, 2013

Fibro patients hear over and over how exercise is a major component for controlling fibromyalgia. Of course, if you’ve never exercised before or have gone a long time without doing so, working out causes its own pain in addition to the pain of fibromyalgia. Eventually, exercise will make you feel better. However, you might not feel that way at first.

So, how do you deal with the new pain? Here are Tips to Reduce Muscle Soreness Naturally taken from fitness expert Justin Check, who is accredited by the exercise institutions the National Strength & Conditioning Association and also a certified nutritional coach through the National Exercise & Sports Training Association:

  • Consume plenty of protein, especially 45 minutes after your workout. Protein helps repair and rebuild muscles broken down by your workout (as needed.) According to Justin, “Minimum protein requirements range from 0.66g-0.8g per kg of bodyweight depending on gender and activity level.” Think lean chicken, low-fat cottage cheese that is also gluten-free, or something similar. You can also research a protein called Glutamine available as a powder or supplement.
  • Use indirect ice on sore areas first, then apply heat later. Use an ice pack and then a heating pad.
  • Start moving again. Do something like swimming and other non-weight bearing exercises.
  • Warm-up and stretch! Do 5-10 minutes of moderate aerobic activity before a workout and stretch after every workout for 5-10 minutes, when your body is loose.



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