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A Doctor with Chronic Illness Tells It Like It Is

Fibro Daily February 9, 2017

stethoscope1People often forget that doctors get sick or suffer from chronic illness. But their personalized medical professional perspectives on

  • living with a disability
  • recovering from an injury/disease
  • or living with chronic illness
  • provides insight that benefits everyone. All everyone needs to do is remember that doctors are human, and listen.

    First, doctors dealing with their own medical concerns provide professional insight to those who are lucky enough to live without such concerns. Their insight covers scientific knowledge of, as well as the personal side of, medical problems.

    Second, these doctors provide valuable coping tips to patients.

    Third, these doctors serve as a professional support system, one that justifies factors that shouldn’t need justification.

    However, even doctors have trouble with chronic illness, whether treating it, suffering from it, or both.

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