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Chronic fatigue as an autoimmune reaction to serotonin

Fibro Daily June 20, 2013

Chronic fatigue may be caused by an autoimmune reaction to serotonin, in which the neurotransmitter is treated like a virus or bacteria and is attacked, which damages serotonin-sensitive brain cells. The highest concentration of serotonin is found in the digestive system, and high levels of bacteria moving through the intestinal membrane, something which plays a role in autoimmunity, have been found in patients with CFS.

Serotonin autoimmunity is linked to hyperalgesia, brain fog, sadness, and flue-like symtpons, and this study may suggest that a serotonin autoimmunity could be an underlying pathology of the condition.

Read more: Autoimmunity to Serotonin in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



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