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Chronic fatigue syndrome may be an exaggerated response to illness.

Fibro Daily June 24, 2013

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be a pathological exaggeration of the body’s natural response to sickness behavior, doctors hypothesize, caused by an infection in the vagus nerve. When proinflammitory cytokines are transmitted to the vagus nerve by immune cells when an infection is detected, and the nerve signals to the brain to begin sickness behavior, such as fatigue, fever, and depression. Because many of these symptoms overlap with CFS, doctors hypothesize that the cause for the disease could be an infection that bombards the nerve with too many proinflammitory cytokines, which could then initiate exaggerated sickness behavior, causing the symptoms of CFS.

Read more: Chronic fatigue syndrome from vagus nerve infection: A psychoneuroimmunological hypothesis



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