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Despite the Line and the Time, Stretch

Fibro Daily November 8, 2016

If you plan to vote today, then you know that

  • traffic
  • lines
  • arguing
  • noise
  • confusion
  • deadlines
  • might contribute to a massive fibro flare.

    Stretch your way to a better day with this guide.

    Also, try these refresher movements while standing in line. Or, if you prefer a little more action, try these.

    Stretching Benefits

    Stretching consitutes one of the best ways for fibromyalgia patients to help ease pain and increase flexibility. It offers benefits every day of the year, not just on Election Day.

    Touch Your Toes Ben Sutherland

    Touch Your Toes Ben Sutherland

    Trust me: I know it’s hard to get or stay motivated to move when pain enters the equation.

    However, the range of stretches available show that it’s relativley easy for most people to at least perform basic stretches. And keep in mind the benefits! After performing stretches, some people experience the following:

  • an increased range of motion
  • an energy boost
  • lowered blood pressure
  • less pain
  • a calmer demeanor
  • an improved outlook
  • The Mental Aspects

    Whether you stretch in a dance class, in a yoga class, or by performing active stretching, elongating your muscles does your mind good. All of these movements can be rotated into your routine to keep your mental acuity sharp as well as to challenge your range of motion.

    But don’t let the challenges of the motion make you forget the mental enhancement that results from it. Keep trying. Build up to it. You can be as stiff as a board yet still benefit from the most basic stretching and the benefits exceed just the physical.

    Pain not only invades the body, but the mind. Pain affects our moods, our relationships, and day-to-day decisions.

    I’m sure that some of you have even considered avoiding election day lines because of fears of a fibro flare brought on by the possibility of a tense body reacting to voter booth chaos.

    When nerves and pain strike, stretching can help alleviate some of the issue. It can help you make an informed decision by reducing distractions. Keeping cool and collected proves important during tense times. If you stretch, problems you encounter later in the day or even later in the week may not cause as many problems for your health.

    If you want to make stretching a regular part of your routine, my suggestion is to find an active warm-up then work your way into a more intense routine. Here are some suggestions for warm-ups:

  • Beginner Dynamic Warm-Up
  • A gentle yoga warm up

    For regular routines, check out a yoga channel on YouTube like Yoga with Adriene or Fitness Blender. Both of these channels offer hundreds of free videos for all levels of fitness.

    With all feel the pressure of voting, work, rushing here and there, money, family, fibromyalgia pain. We all deserve to make— then take—some moments to relish our bodies and minds. We spend so much time hating our bodies and ourselves for the pain we feel because of fibromyalgia. It makes sense to utilize ways of experiencing joy and relief during our hetic lives.

    So stretch!



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