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Dogs: Loyal Yawners

Fibro Daily October 25, 2012

Dogs are loyal companions who take that loyalty to the ends of the earth for their loved ones and beyond, even to Dreamland or LaLa Land. A new study shows that if you yawn from exhaustion or boredom, chances are your dog will yawn, too.

Researchers led by Elainie Alenkaer Madsen and Tomas Persson at Lund University in Sweden say that older dogs—at least seven months—will yawn along with people. Younger dogs have yet to develop empathy and are far too busy chewing the house up to be susceptible to contagious yawning.

The yawning will more than likely lead to exhaustion, or what is called in the non-medical world as “contagious napping instead of working”. And truth be known, dogs are a little bit lazy when it comes to work.

All kidding aside, exhaustion does run rampant in fibromyalgia, so remember to do relaxation exercises and unwind before bed to cut down on the exhaustion yawning.

And if you’re bored, perhaps a change of scenery. Taking a walk around town with the dog will reenergize you both!



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