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Fibromyalgia Christmas Ornaments

Fibro Daily December 4, 2012

I have to admit that if for Christmas, someone only got me an ornament that said, “ITS A TYPE I DIABETES MERRY CHRISTMAS!” or “CANCER AWARENESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS”, I wouldn’t exactly be overjoyed. Naturally, I’m like everyone and want more. But as stocking stuffers, ornaments work great. When they promote fibromyalgia awareness, even better.

And guess what? There are fibromyalgia ornaments.

These ornaments are one way to spark interest in fibromyalgia and as the articles on this site say: the more people you tell, the merrier. Not just for the holidays, but always.

There are a lot of ornaments designs to choose from, all with the signature fibro color: purple. I have to say that purple is one of my favorite colors. It looks great with red, gold, green, and silver. These are all colors that look fabulous together during the holidays and beyond!

Color is good not only in decors, but for disease awareness. So pass around the purple!



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