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Ginkgo Biloba Doesn’t Help Alzheimer’s

Fibro Daily September 5, 2012

Another major study has failed to show any improvement in Alzheimer’s patients when they take ginkgo biloba.

The first study was done in the United States over a six year time frame that showed ginkgo biloba fails to prevent or delay memory issues related to Alzheimer’s or other diseases.

Now a French study focusing on patients aged 70 or older reveals the same. Alzheimer’s researcher Lon Schneider, MD,says that in total, over 10,000 people have been studied to see how their use of gingko biloba improves the memory, and the result is that it doesn’t. Dr. Schneider says that it is a mistake to give gingko biloba to patients who suffer any form of memory loss.

Therefore, implications for fibro fog and other memory problems seem to be the same.

What helps prevent and decrease memory issues are staying at a healthy weight, maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, eating less fat, and increasing heart health in other ways, like through exercise. These measures as well as research that may lead to new medications means that patients and doctors shouldn’t hold on to their idea that gingko biloba benefits memory

The French study appears in Lancet Neurology.



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