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Insult or Understanding?

Fibro Daily October 20, 2016

In recent weeks, we’ve seen studies showing how personality affects or causes fibromyalgia. sadface

There’s a strong link between trauma and fibromyalgia as evidenced in studies of veterans as well as others who’ve suffered physical or emotional violence, whether intentional or accidental.

Trauma sometimes alters personality.

But I think that when some studies reference personality, life events, and illness, the findings hint at a difficult personality or mood disorder as being the lone cause of fibromyalgia. Also, let’s not forget that fibromyalgia still suffers from a negative reputation among many in the medical world as well as the general public. This not only hurts fibromyalgia patients personally but hurts fibromyalgia awareness collectively.

Therefore, discussions about how personality, moods, or trauma affect fibromyalgia demand careful wording.

The public needs to know that personality (and moods) affect all illnesses, even colds. Trauma does, too. These issues factor into the management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, MS, and Parkinson’s, just to name a few diseases. However, these conditions all qualify as real. And we all know they develop from more than emotions.

How would you like to see this type of research analyzed and shared?



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