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It’s the Second Day of January: Do What YOU Want to Do

Fibro Daily January 2, 2016

this-is-me-and-this-is-my-life-2This post differs from other posts in that it’s more personal. I am not going to link to any studies or professional opinions; this is just a piece from my heart about what happens when facing the New Year and New Year’s health resolutions.

Health requires a lot of work for some of us. Some of us became healthy simply because we became sick. With exceptions for special occasions, our illnesses taught us how to eat well, how or when to take meds, how to work out, how to sleep, how to talk to doctors, and how to stay informed because we must do all of these things. Otherwise, we risk severe consequences. With some chronic illnesses, death might even occur if there’s no informed compliance with a viable treatment program. Then sometimes no matter how well you take care of yourself, you’re still sick. Some people hardly ever feel bad even while suffering from a serious condition. All these scenarios vary from person to person.

Let’s look at the different scenarios. Say you’re not suffering from something so severe, meaning your fibromyalgia doesn’t flare much or you have no other conditions. Still, every once in a while you feel bad. Or perhaps you feel bad because of carrying extra weight or a lack of sleep or flares—we’re covering everyone! No matter the source of feeling bad, you get advice about undertaking a new routine, especially this time of year.

Even I advise you. What do you think this is…?

Indeed, you may decide that a rigorous new health plan provides the only solution to get a handle on an occasional dysfunctional period or for a complete overhaul of continual poor health. If you want to make changes and stick to them, great. They might even save your life in some instances (like losing weight, quitting smoking, and/or stopping drinking.) I highly support and recommend it in such instances.

But what about changes just to fit in with everyone else’s idea of healthy? Well, first, positive change demands specificity so get specific about what you want to accomplish: A five pound weight loss? A new lifing routine? A new sleep schedule? To accomplish any of these goals, plan it out, keep a journal, and focus.

Another thing: if someone else spurns that change or guilted you into changing then you might be wasting your time. Avoid celebrity soundbites, parental nagging, and best friend finger-wagging this time of year. All are beyond popular. As long as you are prepared to deal with the consequences of your lifestyle and it’s not hurting others, do what you want.

Who cares if you would rather sleep than get up thirty minutes early to workout before work? Maybe such a workout stresses you. Maybe the sleep works better at staving off fibro flares. You know what works for you. There’s no reason to feel guilty anymore, or like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Go for what you want when it comes to your health, and Happy 2016!



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