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Modern Lifestyle Killing Us With Old Fashioned Diseases

Fibro Daily March 2, 2013

Modern lifestyles—fast food, long hours, high amounts of stress—are wrecking havoc on the health of the general population.

For people with fibromyalgia, it’s a double whammy. Modern lifestyles cause more pain and more fatigue for an already overburdened immune system.

Health experts believe following a Mediterranean diet along with eating the heaviest meal mid-day proves better for overall health and works well with the modern lifestyle because it’s easy to prepare and follow. The diet helps regulate insulin levels and cut down on obesity.

Also, try to enjoy the food you eat at a slow pace. Enjoy the flavors and notice the colors. Make modern lifestyle eating about culture, not quantity. Making the act of eating more sensual definitely cuts down on stress levels and allows you to bond with loved ones over shared food. If you live alone, find the enjoyment of a good meal in quiet or while watching a relaxing movie or listening to a favorite piece of music.



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