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Never Let Fibromyalgia Define Success

Fibro Daily January 23, 2017


People with fibromyalgia work all kinds of jobs. Others compete as athletes. Some do both. Still, fibromyalgia sometimes makes it hard to navigate success.

And when it comes to a social life, fibromyalgia can be a nightmare. That’s true if you’re single, dating around, have a partner, or are married.

Fibromyalgia gets in the way of romantic dinners and family outings and vacations.

My question is, who made fibromylagia the ultimates shot-caller? Sure, we all feel bad from time to time and we need to a bit to recover. But what about fibromyalgia patients who lack any quality of life, who put their dreams and hard work to the side because of pain?

Somebody needs to wear the pants in the fibromyalgia-patient relationship and in my opinion, tha tperson is the patient.

Yet many of us are walking around with our bottoms exposed.

The Cold Hard Truth

In the fibromyalgia community, time and again we hear how hard it is to function on even a normal level. Many of us suffer from

  • debilitating pain
  • exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • weight problems
  • thyroid
  • severely dry skin
  • skin sensations
  • depression
  • With all or some of the above happening, how are any of us supposed to take charge of anything?

    i don’t really know how to answer that.

    Do I write about people who’ve accomplished great feats while dealing with physical and emotional issues or is everyone tired of such examples? I suppose some of you are. If not, read about Florence Nightengale or Morgan Freeman.

    But people without pain or other illnesses accomplish things, too, so is taking charge just a matter of personality and drive, health be damned? We can research

  • pain and athletes
  • illness and successful people
  • but perhpas you should also think about what success means to you.

    Success Defined and Redefined

    Success means different things to different people. There’s the actual definition:

    Definition of success
    obsolete : outcome, result
    a : degree or measure of succeeding
    b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
    : one that succeeds

    However, a favored or desired outcome can apply to anything.

    For instance, when you consistently achieve a good night’s sleep or lose unwanted weight and keep it off, you are succesffuly managing your health. When you employ strategies to fight pain or exhaustion that overwhelsm us despite our best efforts, that’s successful, too.

    Success means more than earning a lot of money or attaning goals related to work or competition. It can mean

  • maintaining self-awarness
  • working for fibro awareness
  • helping others
  • enjoying the relaxed pace of your life
  • .

    If You Want Something More

    It’s possible that the successful management of fibromyalgia and enjoying life fails to fulfill your success goals. You may still want to pursue goals without giving much thought to fibromyalgia. If that works for you, that’s great.

    But chances, are you will benefit from keeping a health diary on

  • diet
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • medicationsmoods
  • to refine patterns that help as well as prevent you from achieving goals.

    Writing down your goals also helps you clarify them. Sometimes when you put something on paper, it becomes more real.

    Success matters, however you define it. It’s a personal definiton, though. Don’t let anyone define it for you, especially not fibromyalgia.



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