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New Model Explains Fibromyalgia Pain and Lifestyle Changes

Fibro Daily September 13, 2016


Lifestyle change recommendations cause debate and anger in the fibromyalgia community. I’ve witnessed that debate and anger firsthand in doctor offices as well as in comments on this site and social media feeds.

For many fibromyalgia sufferers, the recommendations make them feel as if they won’t get the help they need.

However, the British Journal of Pain recently published a study called, “Explaining unexplained pain to fibromyalgia patients: finding a narrative that is acceptable to patients and provides a rationale for evidence-based interventions”. The study focuses on a new model using the Complexity theory, which means doctors apply mathematics to biology to explain the origins of pain to fibromyalgia patients, and to show the relevance of lifestyle changes. The model helps ease patient frustration.

“The theory forms the basis of artificial intelligence, and according to it, the body is seen as a system in which errors in the network can occur and that need to be reprogrammed…Fibromyalgia patients appear to respond positively to a technology-derived narrative…”

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New Model for Explaining Pain to Fibromyalgia Patients Improves Lifestyle Changes, Communication Issues



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