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Sciatica Steroid Shots Only Offer Brief Relief

Fibro Daily November 15, 2012

Spinal steroid shots are often used for sciatica-related leg and back pain, but the relief they offer is only brief, according to a new study.

According to “Sciatica, a common type of low back pain, is characterized by intense pain shooting down one leg, along with tingling and numbness, as a result of injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve.”

These injections have been used over half a century, but no constant guidelines exist for them.

And doctors say these findings shouldn’t be used to rule out these injections, because many issues factor in to the effectiveness of the shots. One would be how long a patient has suffered from pain.

And despite the recent fungal meningitis outbreak with spinal steroid shots in the United States, they are very safe.

Therefore, they still offer help to many.



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