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Seasonal Fibro Flare

Fibro Daily March 11, 2013

As the seasons change, so does our overall well-being. That means emotionally and physically, the seasons affect our appetite, energy, mood, and sleep. For fibromyalgia patients, a seasonal change may also mean a fibro flare is just around the corner. Here are some tips on fibro flares and weather:

  • Try to enjoy this change while being out in it: Go for a walk or jog. Consider taking some photos. Invite friends and family to join in . All these activities boost energy and mood plus allow you to enjoy the beauty of the season.
  • Adjust to the temperature change by keeping your house comfortable: Don’t sweat or shiver to death. Install fans or run the air if needed. For fresh air, open the top part of the window so children and pets can’t get out plus no one else can climb in— safety first! Or consider blocking the window with some kind of gate that still permits a breeze while blocking entrances and exits by children/pets. If it’s not warm enough, use soft robes and blankets for easy comfort adjustments.
  • Eat for the season: Spring means green, so consider adding more leafy greens to your diet to get in synch with Mother Nature. Greens will help with any fledging energy due to the recent time change. If it’s autumn, eat bell peppers. They’re good all year but hit their peak late summer to the end of November. Besides being reminiscent of gorgeous autumn leaves, they pack a powerful nutritional punch.
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