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Fibro Daily June 7, 2013

Fibromyalgia patients struggle with unending stress, which is why Fibro Daily as well as other Fibro sites often talk about stress.

Stress affects not only your health numbers and how you feel, but your looks.

Daily Beauty ran a piece that featured a quote from an Los Angeles Times article, a quote that would be wise to take seriously:

“‘The wear and tear of stress can show up in every part of the body: individual cells, bones, skin. You can even see it in photographs,’ the article states. They point to a Dutch study from 2012 that asked volunteers to guess the age of nearly 300 people from photos. ‘People with high levels of cortisol almost always looked older than they really were. The researchers estimated that each tiny increase in cortisol—each micromole per liter, to be exact—aged a person by about half a year.’

Constant stress also contribute to weight gain, thinning hair, and inflamed skin. It’s time to take a chill pill, people.

The following methods help fight off stress:

  • Surprisingly, salt. Don’t overdo it, but cutting it out completely is not healthy.
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Working out on a regular basis
  • Meditation
  • Massage



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