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Top 5 Fibro Articles for the Week of June 3, 2013

Fibro Daily June 8, 2013

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The Top 5 Fibro Articles for the Week of June 3, 2013 are…

  • Yoga offers many health benefits such as improving posture and strength, promoting weight loss, and helping to lower blood pressure. But did you know it can also help reduce as well as get rid of migraine pain? Check out the following in-depth article for explanations and visuals about the five yoga poses that can help soothe your troubled head. Read more: Cure Your Headache with Yoga
  • Estimates point to about 15% of the U.S. population being gluten intolerant. Are you part of that 15%? Well, many people with Fibromyalgia believe that they must automatically cut gluten from their diet, but that’s not always true. There are certain signs that point to gluten intolerance. Learn what they are: 10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant
  • Next up, a controversial report: Weather Conditions Do Not Affect Fibromyalgia Pain or Fatigue. The report says that female Fibro patients are not affected by temperature and weather:

    “Our analyses provide more evidence against, than in support of, the daily influence of weather on fibromyalgia pain and fatigue,” concludes Dr. Bossema. “This study is the first to investigate the impact of weather on fibromyalgia symptoms in a large cohort, and our findings show no association between specific fibromyalgia patient characteristics and weather sensitivity.”

    See what you think!

  • Physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness…all these are aspects of the whole wellness identity. Overall wellness can actually be broken down into eight specific types. This article breaks down each one, plus links to another article—a wellness detective manual— that explores why we get sick and why we heal.
    Read more: Dimensions of Wellness
  • Fibromyalgia Pain & Premature Aging discusses whether or not Fibromyalgia is aging you. Chromosomes contain telomeres, which are indicative of aging. They provide details on a person’s biological age—as Fibro Warrior Adrienne Dellwo says, they work like rings on a tree. Age is indicated by shortened telemeres. Now, researchers want to know if telemeters play into chronic pain.



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