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Top 5 Fibro Articles of the Week

Fibro Daily October 12, 2012

The Top 5 Fibro Posts of the Week delved into some interesting fibromyalgia info, plus included controversy:

First, look back at Are Cancer Patients this Mean to Each Other? to see how fibromyalgia patients are cutting each other to shreds over simple questions and suggestions about wellness treatments. It is pretty unbelievable, but even after all the complaining about how the mainstream medical community doesn’t help fibromyalgia patients, it turns out that many fibromyalgia patients don’t help each other, either.

Speaking of wellness, a wellness approach to happiness is the focus of the next article. Happiness is sometimes obstructed by the high rates of depression in fibromyalgia patients. This article advises people to eat seven servings of fresh fruits and veggies to boost their mental health and happiness, a sort of wellness anti-depressant. This information comes from a huge study in Britain that shows how happiness can be what you eat. For Happiness And Mental Health 7-A-day Recommended.

In the next article of the week, the focus is online classes. They are not only popular among people who are juggling school with work, but also with people who suffer disabilities/illnesses. For example, fibromyalgia patients who would have trouble in a classroom for any number of reasons could attend an online class to further their education. The idea is a wonderful one, but is the quality of an online class really the same as being in an actual classroom? Special Ed Classes Online?

Women Have Stronger Emotional Reactions To Negative News Than Men covers how women react more emotionally to bad news than men. The study also shows how women remember more of the details involved in such stories. Could women’s natural gift for gab and detail be causing them to have stronger emotional reactions to things that don’t even directly affect them?

And finally, a dementia risk warning from researchers in the article Benzodiazepine For Insomnia Or Anxiety Raises Dementia Risk Among Elderly Patients 65 and older who take Benzodiazepine are 50% more likely to develop dementia than their counterparts who don’t take it. Benzodiazepine is used to treat both anxiety and insomnia, and is marketed heavily to the elderly. Both anxiety and insomnia affect fibromyalgia patients. This is a risk that should not be ignored, as Benzodiazepine is frequently prescribed.



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