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Top 5 Fibro Articles of the Week

Fibro Daily October 5, 2012

Lots of news developed this week for those who suffer from the debilitating madness called fibromyalgia.

Anyone who has fibromyalgia or who knows someone who has it knows that sleep apnea is common in the disease. Well, an article called Sleep Apnea’s Double Impact On Stroke discusses a new study about how sleep apnea increases the risk of stroke. Actually, it more than doubles it. The implications for this directly relate to those with fibromyalgia, and should be something that fibromyalgia patients keep in mind.

THE STARTLING TRUTH … ABOUT BEING STARTLED! brings into focus adrenal problems. Adrenal problems are common in those with fibromyalgia, and they heighten the nerves as well as reactions to temperature. This is one reason why people with fibromyalgia feel so moody and unable to function.

Another sleep-related problem, insomnia, features in our third most interesting article of the week. Study Links Insomnia to $31 Billion in U.S. Workplace Errors examines how much financial damage and work place error results from insomnia. But even worse, some of the participants in the study couldn’t be sure of the information they provided due to hazy memories which could be the result of time and…insomnia.

Next, mom of three and Yahoo! Voices contributor Maria Wood opens up about living with pain in Everyday Life: Fibromyalgia Pain. Her brutal honesty sheds light on what it means to cope with fibromyalgia on a day to day basis as a mother and more.

And finally, there’s more sleep-related news with Sleepio, a U.K. based online treatment available for people the world over. It uses a cartoon named Prof to guide you to better sleep. This treatment was developed by world-renowned and respected sleep innovator, Professor Colin Espie, who is the Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Sleep Centre at the University of Glasgow. He also heads the World Sleep Federation’s insomnia task force.



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