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Childhood Hunger Linked to Adulthood Depression and Pain

Fibro Daily March 2, 2013

A new study says that missed meals from childhood show up as depression and pain in adulthood.

This missed meals and pain study comes from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln lead by UNL sociologist Bridget Goosby using data from adults aged 25-64. The data included the relationship between childhood circumstances and the physical/mental health of these working-age adults. A surprise discovery of this study is that childhood hunger in the form of missed meals causes depression and pain in later years.

“Childhood conditions that are strongly correlated with the risk of experiencing depression in adulthood, may in fact, also be similar to the childhood conditions that are correlated with chronic pain in adulthood,” Goosby said.

Also, the study shows that maternal depression heavily factors into the depression and pain of the adults in the study. When mothers suffer from depression, the risk of both depression and pain increases in their children.

An interesting find, especially in relation to fibromyalgia which so heavily affects the female population.



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