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Fear and Dread and Fibromyalgia, Oh My!

Fibro Daily May 15, 2013

Fibro Warrior Adrienne Dwello says that fear and other negative emotions increase her Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Other emotions would include ones like dread.

Usually, the media talks about how bad stress is, which it is. We all know that. However, fear and dread can prove just as devastating, though they get less attention.

In Fibromyalgia, fear and dread usually results from suffering through pain. You know it hurts, you know it’s coming at some points, so you begin to fear and dread it. Even relationships can cause dread and fear, as the dynamics of Fibromyalgia change the dynamics of interacting with those you love.

Ways to help lessen fear and dread include:

  • relaxation techniques
  • talking over your problems
  • exercise
  • sleep

Take the time to read Adrienne’s short piece, then join in on the conversation about how fear and dread affects Fibromyalgia.



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