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Physical Proof for Fibro Depression

Fibro Daily October 12, 2012

Depression ranks as a major element of fibromyalgia. However, like so much pertaining to fibromyalgia, for years patients have been told “it’s all in the head.”

But evidence shows that there is physical proof of the rampant depression in fibromyalgia.

Neurobiology deals with both pain and mood, and reveals the high rates of depression in fibromyalgia. Both depression and fibromyalgia share neurotransmitter dysregulation.

If you suffer from depression, it is so important to seek out professional help. The double whammy of fibromyalgia and depression can induce an absolute resistance to leaving the house or even the bed. But living life like that is not living.

It is time to speak with your doctor about treatment for depression if you haven’t already. You can discuss therapy as well as medications. But the point is to not ignore how you feel as being just another mental side-effect of fibromyalgia. There’s physical proof of it.



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