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RLS and Fibro

Fibro Daily April 30, 2013

Restless syndrome is quite a common comorbidity for Fibromyalgia patients to have.

According to an article by L Payton on Dr. Brad Shook’s blog– a board certified chiropractic physician who concentrates his practice in neurological/metabolic conditions—there are four components to restless leg syndrome (RLS):

  • A strong need to move the legs: This need usually comes with uncomfortable and/or unpleasant sensations in the legs.
  • Onset or exacerbation of RLS with rest: The need to move becomes stronger during inactive periods like sitting or lying.
  • Relief comes with movement: Activity lessens the need to move as well as the unpleasant sensations that build with that urge at least as long as the movement continues.
  • Circadian pattern: The urge to move occurs more frequently at night.

If you are experiencing RLS and have yet to speak to your doctor, do so as soon as possible. Your doctor should be able to advise on sleep, exercise, and/or other treatments to help ease RLS.

Read Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome by L Payton on Dr. Shook’s blog for more info.

Also, our current Fibro Warrior of the Week Lorne M Brown has experienced RLS, so check out her interview and Twitter page @SpooniesCouchto found out more!



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