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Immune System Dysfunction Study Leads to Possible Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Test

Fibro Daily January 21, 2013

Fibro/CFS blooger Adrienne Dwellwo posted about a research brief concerning the weak immune system function found in fibromyalgia. Testing methods used in this research could very well develop into a diagnostic tool.

Researchers compared the cytokine levels of fibromyalgia patients to that of healthy people. Results showed that fibromyalgia patients suffer from lower cytokine concentrations.

Why is this important?

Because lower cytokine levels indicate a weak immune system. The result supports the ongoing shift in opinion that fibromyalgia stems from a neurological or immune system issue instead of stemming from a rheumatological issue.

You can read more on Dwell’s page which also links to research about fibromyalgia and immune system dysfunction.



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