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Fibro Daily January 20, 2013

For people with fibromyalgia, it’s sometimes wise to undergo thyroid testing. Speak to your doctor about whether or not you should. Generally speaking, most people with fibromyalgia and thyroid trouble seem to suffer from hypothyroidism, which means they suffer from an underactive thyroid gland.

But one thing is for sure: never make guesses about your thyroid. Ask your doctor for blood work to determine thyroid function if you feel more sluggish than usual, suffer thinning hair or dry skin, or generally feel worse than normal. Your doctor should be able to work out an effective treatment program over time if needed. And keep in mind that if you take thyroid meds meant for someone else to try to self-regulate, you could seriously damage your body. Never self-medicate or self-diagnose.

It’s also important to know that people who suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis often get misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. That’s another reason to speak with your doctor about thyroid concerns.

Here, I included a link to a blog about one woman’s trouble with fibromyalgia and the thyroid: Hibernationnow’s Blog.



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