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Dealing with Thanksgiving Fibro Flares

Fibro Daily November 23, 2016

Hey, everyone! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, you know that the day sets you up for a fibro flare. The reasons for this include

Hand Turkey from Zoo with Roy

Hand Turkey from Zoo with Roy

  • cooking
  • temperature fluctuations
  • sensory overload
  • food and drink
  • bad hand turkeys
  • .


    Okay, that last one is up for debate. Besides, I actually love Roy’s turkey!

    Below, some tips to help you manage the big day without a visit from that jive turkey, the fibro flare.


    Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving, I assume everything’s already been bought for the big day. If not, make a list and pick up your items. Don’t rush. Breathe slowly. Rushing and tensing up prime you for a fibro flare.

    Arrange all the heavy cooking applainces you need to use, such as the blender, ahead of cooking time. If you move them before you need to use them, it prevents the panicked injuries that occur when you move them while you’re in the middle of cooking.

    Line up canned goods on the counter along with other recipes items.

    If you open cans with a manual can opener, take some time today to go ahead and open them slowly. Store the contents in containers. Make sure you refrigerate the ones that need to stay cold.

    Regulate the Temperature

    Some people with fibromyalgia prefer to stay warm while others prefer to feel cool.

    Whatever you like, try to regulate the house temperature to your comfort level so a fibro flare doesn’t occur.

    If cooking, you are bound to get hot at some point. Maybe you can stick a fan in the kitchen with you to keep the room cool. Open a window if you can do so without endagering pets or small children or other people with special needs. Some windows open on the top part only, to maintain both safety and coolness.

    Take frequent breaks. If a room feels too hot, step outside for a brief shot of cold air. If you feel chilled, keep a cozy wrap or blanket on hand. Maintaining a comfortbale temperature affects your mood so just do what you need to do.

    Sensory Overload

    Thanksgiving involves a variety of noise, smells, textures, and even touching from relative and friends. Everyone wants a hug; everyone wants to laugh loudly at jokes or watch the parade and games at ear splitting decibels.

    Make sure you have a safe spot in the house to escape to, a place where you can stretch and breathe and regain a sense of normalcy. Give yourself a massage and partake of the other relaxation techniques in this and this , too. You can watch them on your phone. Or do some deep breathing quietly.

    If you spend Thanksgiving at someone else’s house, ask which room you should use for mini breaks. Don’t feel bad about escaping for a bit. The time helps you rejuvenate and prepare for returning to the celebration.

    Find out more about fibromyalgia and sensory overload by reading this article.

    Excess Taste Bud Joy

    Look, I do it, too: I eat too much at holiday dinners. The thing is, I just do it on the day of the holiday and even though I eat too much, I finally realize it’s time to stop. But some people push WAY past that point.

    Fibro Daily doesn’t recommend overeating or drinking, but if you do, we have suggestions to help with the additional agony you might experience on top of a fibro flare. Click on these helpful links to learn about overindulgence coping techniques:

    7 Natural Remedies for an Upset Stomach

    5 Ways to Relieve a Post-Thanksgiving Stomach Ache

    Diarrhea Treatment

    Alcohol: If you drink, keep it moderate

    How to Avoid a Hangover: Your 24-Hour Timeline

    Of course it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: Do not drink and drive! Stay with your host if you’re not at home, or call for an ride. If you feel like you need help with alcohol, reach out immediately or speak with your doctor.

    Also, be careful of eating holidays dishes that might interfere with your meds, and make sure you can drink alcohol with any medication you take.

    Let the Good Times Commence

    Sometimes, if you stress too much about getting a fibro flare, you know what happens?

    You get a fibro flare.

    Relax. Breathe. Move slowly. Laugh. Have a seat and sip some water.

    Use these tips, or at least the ones you need, and incorporate your own personalized stand-bys for avoiding fibro flares.




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