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A “Friend” Gained Weight Over the Holidays

Fibro Daily January 27, 2017


We’ve all been there. We’ve had that “friend” who can’t face when they’ve gained weight over the holidays. And now it’s the end of January. We’re in a new year. It’s time to make some decisions based on facts instead of New Year’s resolution hype.

Admitting weight gain is painful. But that’s the only way to lose weight. A person must face him or herself in the mirror and on the scale. Furthermore, a person must also feel tired of being overweight. Losing weight for others or for society often ends in failure.

Our “friend” should do it for him or herself.

Getting Started

First things first: People command value and deserve love no matter what their size. Make sure your “friend” knows that.

Anyone considering a weight loss journey needs to do it in a healthy way. Everyone should get a physical and doctor’s approval before starting any weight loss or exercise routine.

Why see a doctor: We all lose weight at different rates and in different spots first; we all suffer from different roadblocks and temptations. The best way for anyone to lose weight is to undergo blood work and speak to a doctor about goals. This provides a roadmap to discover what a healthy weight loss means on an individual basis. An exam can also reveal any concerns that need to be addressed before starting a new program, such as heart or thyroid issues.

A doctor can also provide patients with diet guidelines, as well as recommend valid nutritionists.

A Key Point

Weight loss happens first and foremost in the kitchen. Exercise is important; often, the results one sees from working out inspire healthier eating because it seems pointless to workout then negate the workouts with poor diet choices.

But while working out creates tone and increases strength and stamina, cutting calories offer the best way to lose weight.

Avoid Quick Fixes

Quick weight loss fixes mean that a person loses weight in a way that’s unhealthy. While a quick weight loss doesn’t necessarily point to an unhealthy method and sometimes happens easily, it often means that the routine proves punishing so it’s hard to stick with it long term.

The key to permanent weight loss is to make it a lifestyle change.

This means learning how to eat, how to handle special occasions, how to handle treats. It’s crazy to think your friend will never again eat a piece of cake. A better goal would be learning how to enjoy a piece of cake from time to time.

Stay clear of over-the-counter weight loss drugs or herbal teas that advertise weight loss. These are usually not safe and they cause severe health problems. They accelerate heart rates and more. The only time anyone needs to take weight loss drugs is under the guidance of a doctor who prescribes a legitimate, FDA-approved weight-loss drug.

Diaries Help

A weight loss diary helps people determine patterns that might be preventing them from losing weight and also hurting their health in other ways. For instance, if you like to drink wine, tracking how many glasses you’re drinking will let you see how it could be hurting your health.

Writing down everything helps deal with frustration and fears, too.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should write down their goals then take them to their doctor so he or she can see what’s realistic and what’s not when it comes to weight loss.

After seeing a doctor, continue keeping a diary to help navigate the highs and lows of the weight loss journey.



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