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A Last MInute Holiday Guide to Saying No

Fibro Daily December 20, 2012

It’s down to the wire, people. Christmas is next week, followed by New Years Eve. In between, there’s a lot of stuff going on. I call it “stuff” because I can’t cuss on this blog, but if you are as run down as I am from all this running around and wrapping presents and who knows what else, you will be able to replace the word “stuff” quite easily, I’m sure.

And this leads us to my main point: saying no.

You shouldn’t be afraid to say “no” to new Christmas invites when you’ve already over-committed yourself or you feel stressed about money. After all, Christmas was meant for you to enjoy, too. Wanting to enjoy yourself is not selfish. Saying no is not always selfish, either. The holidays are not all about pleasing everyone else. So learn to say no to stress.

And think about what you want to do.

While you figure that out, here are some tips for coping with holiday stress:

  • Set price limits for gifts.
  • Draw names for presents, to cut down on shopping and cost.
  • Eat nourishing snacks like fruit and cheese or oatmeal.
  • Make time to exercise.
  • Delegate holiday duties, from wrapping gifts to making cookies.



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