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Almost Thanksgiving: Turkey and Stressing

Fibro Daily November 15, 2012

A week from today, the majority of us will be running around in the kitchen, stressing over turkeys which everyone else seems to pull off with delicious ease, but which look and smell like roast shredded tires in our ovens.

(Disclosure: I am doing a pork roast with a savory fruit sauce. I hate turkey and if I am going to stress that much, it certainly won’t be over a turkey!)

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. See the name. Duh. Next.

Only, wait…it’s never really that simple, is it? The day often turns into backbreaking work, with all the trying to impress family and friends with culinary and decorating skills; trying to impress with wine and homemade punch; trying to impress with the ability to cook in a one thousand degree kitchen without sweating.

Sister, save it.

Cook if you like, but don’t rush. If people are house hopping all day, don’t figure them into the main meal plans or back your neck trying to fit them in. Let them eat hors d’œuvres whenever they arrive or before they rush off. Play some music, and let people mingle over drinks.

Get the baking done the night before: breads, dressing, desserts. Enjoy the food and the company. Laugh. And nap! You’ll need to rest.

After all, we have to deal with Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa after we fix that $@*%#^! Thanksgiving dinner.



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