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Asking for Help

Fibro Daily January 27, 2013

Asking for help with your fibromyalgia is important.

Not just help with the medical side of things, such as understanding new studies or learning about medications and diet. All that is terribly important, but so is the other side of the disease, the side that makes you want to avoid being social or feel stressed over simple tasks such as making the bed. This kind of support is motivational and loving, so usually comes from friends and family.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to ask for help. This week, Fibro Files wrote a short yet pertinent reminder about needing fibro support and not being able to ask for it.

Often, a fibro patient won’t ask for help because she (or he) doesn’t want to be a “burden”, but the real burden for loved ones comes from having to deal with someone who feels so overwhelmed that she (or he) snaps at everyone.

So try to be honest about what you need and expect from everyone in terms of support. It’s better for all involved.



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