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Beginning to Vibrate

Fibro Daily April 10, 2013

It seems simple enough, vibrating with sound that resonates from your inner-most being.


But chanting can be hard for those who’ve never done it, for any number of reasons.

Before we begin to examine how to chant comfortably, let’s talk about what chanting achieves. Chanting allows the spirit and energy to move via the vibration of sound so that our lives flow without hindrance from self-erected barriers. It prepares us for the time we aren’t chanting so that we act with a more calm approach.

So why is it hard to begin this seemingly positive experience? Well, chanting requires opening the body, heart, and mind which can be beyond difficult when dealing with chronic pain because chronic pain causes many people to shut-down in order to survive. Shutting down doesn’t allow anyone to cope with anything really, but it does allow people to function in a basic survival mode. Sometimes, that’s what has to happen for a bit.

However, life can’t be lived that way forever. So click the following link for an excellent guide to beginner chanting. The article contains a bit of a repeat of the above, but not much. It’s a very helpful guide: Ramdesh Kaur’s post Five Tips for the Mantra Chanting Beginner)



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